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Message From Al Basha

Al Basha cordially invites you on a journey through the culinary splendors of the Middle East. He has appointed us, his trusted chefs and restaurant staff, to ensure you have a flawless experience and that you are also treated like a true ‘BASHA’.

We have transformed centuries of Middle Eastern culinary heritage and evolution and our decades of experience into a carefully curated menu that is bound to satisfy your cravings of Egyptian and Middle Eastern food.

As we escort you through the souks of Cairo and the harbours of Alexandria, as we explore the hot sands of Arabia and the mountains of Lebanon, or even the emerging Indian food scene in the UAE, we encourage you to let loose of your senses, as you reach new heights of indulgence and try dishes that are inspired by our very own nostalgic memories of the Middle East.

We wish you a pleasant meal and look forward to welcoming you at Al Basha Restaurant in Knightsbridge again very soon.

بالهناء  و  الشفاء

Bon Appétit

Also available for home delivery on:

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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Al Basha is the creation of a group of Chef’s / Owners who celebrate their culinary heritage from a variety of the Middle Eastern countries. It is a place where cravings for Middle Eastern cuisine from the Levant to Egypt are met with authentic flavours. Among the variety of restaurants in cosmopolitan London this is a unique place to satisfy your desire for a variety of Mezze and Platters from all the different cuisines of the Middle East.

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“This place is the answer to a Middle Eastern food craving.
The food here gets you to drool and the service is impeccable.”

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During busy times, please call 020 7245 6000 for reservations.

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